Work With Me


Your healthy, beautiful body awaits you…

I’ve got to tell you a secret:  all the energy crashes, incessant cravings, stubborn unwanted poundsemotional ups and downs, and digestion mayhem… can all be forgotten once you discover how your body clicks with the right food. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Tired of the diet roller coaster, never maintaining your ideal weight?
  • Too busy to shop for healthy foods so you grab junk food from vending machines?
  • Not finding time for exercise or other self care activities?
  • Tired all the time and just can’t think clearly?
  • Just want to be told the 5 best foods to eat or the 5 foods to avoid?
  • Do you feel hopeless that you just can’t lose that belly bloat and extra weight?
  • Why bother because you don’t have the willpower to stick with a plan?

3 Options to Work with Me: 


Seasonal Energy Boosting Weight Loss

It’s time to reset your metabolism, boost your energy, lose that unwanted weight. You will have mental clarity, lose that belly bloat and learn what foods nourish your body.


Restore Your Life with Zest

Let’s look into the “whole you”. Mind, body, soul. I have created a simple, wholesome plan that gives you zest, confidence, and a road map you can follow day-to-day to restore your body. We take simple steps to bring more zest into your life.


Revitalize Your Life with Panache’ & Peace

The Ultimate program to work with me as your personal coach 1:1. I will take you by the hand and go at your pace to achieve your goals. We will create meals that you love and nourish your body. You will gain confidence in your daily habit choices as you let go of weight and cravings, have more energy and have fun again!