white shirt sittingI empower women in transition; change is difficult as we move from one season of life to another.  As we age, the foods that give us energy and boost our immune system change.

I teach my clients how to discover which foods give them a zest for life, enhance healthy digestion, nourish their bones, avoid emotional eating, and maintain a healthy weight.

I meet clients where they are and take the journey to discover their panache’ with self-care.

I support my clients with a back to basics approach to a healthy lifestyle, going step by step to bring peace into their life.

I listen carefully, am intuitive, and am a coach with compassion.  No judgement.  As a unique person, you do NOT want a cookie cutter program.  You Need to be heard!

I support small business owners in this fast paced world how to simplify their meals and find time for themselves.


Picture this…

You know how to care for yourself, have fun with food, and confidence you are making good choices.

Your goals are supported by me as you make the changes needed to reach these goals, feeling motivated during the process.

You are empowered to gain clarity, clear the brain fog, understand emotional eating, and learn to let go of perfectionism.

You will kick overwhelm to the curb!  You will embrace your authentic self!

How I work with you:

Seasonal Clean Eating programs to jumpstart your way to replenishing and revitalizing!

  • Includes Clean Eating guide, Recipes, Meal Suggestions, Self Care tips, Personal Strategy Session, Daily Email support, Bonus Handouts – Don’t Go Broke Buying Organic Foods  & Food Combining Chart

Individual coaching for personal, step by step guidance for your journey to discover your authentic self.  I will listen compassionately and empower you to gain confidence in your health & lifestyle choices.  You will learn to have fun with food.  My 2 1/2 year old grandson likes raisins on his crackers, what is your favorite snack?

  • Two 50 minute sessions per month via Skype, Phone, or in person
  • Email support between sessions
  • Seasonal Clean Eating program including all the goodies listed above
  • Handouts each session based on your needs

Group Coaching custom designed for your group at work, yoga studio, spa, self-employed groups, and more.

Let’s get started!  Contact me now for your Free discovery session!  I look forward to meeting you in person, over Skype, or telephone.