2 Weeks to Fabulous!

2 Weeks to Fabulous! You know what really gets to me? It’s when I speak to someone who’s been struggling for years with excess weight, bloated belly, aches and pains, skin that feels old and wrinkled… and they tell me they’re trying yet another new “diet.” It gets to...

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About Me

I’m Peggy ~ I am a wellness coach, mom on a mission, health warrior, and a yoga lover. Healthy living has always been a priority for me. It is more than a passion. It is my life. I incorporate healthy living into my family’s life. We have fun with food in the kitchen, at the grill, traveling, and eating out. I knew I needed to take my love for health and wellness to another level. I began by taking courses from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, eCornell University, and UC San Francisco. What an exciting journey!